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It is my honor to work with couples to create a beautiful and heart felt ceremony. Whether your preference for the ceremony is secular, spiritual or religious, or somewhere in between, together we will create a celebration that warms your heart and brings tears of joy to your eyes.

The All American Wedding Ceremony....What exactly does that mean anyway?

As Americans we have many beautiful wedding traditions, from the white wedding gown to the words of love and commitment that are shared. These customs can be religious, spiritual, or strictly secular in nature. Yet the face of the "American" wedding is changing. Today many brides and grooms choose to marry outside of the traditional church setting. They want a wedding that speaks to who they are as individuals; including their own personal beliefs, values, interests and desires. Gone are the days when couples just follow "the rules" and have a cookie cutter wedding ceremony based on the desires of others.

Yet not having a "traditional American" church wedding doesn't mean you don't want an amazing ceremony filled with love and yes, also tradition. It simply means you choose to do this your way, selecting the traditions which are most meaningful to you as indviduals and as a family.

America...The Great Melting Pot!

The vision for many of the "American Wedding Ceremony" is the one we see laid out for us in American bridal magazines, yet Americans are not all white Anglo Saxons! Americans come from all ethnic, racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. Some of us come from families that have been in America for many generations, while others have closer ties to our roots from across the world. Some of us feel a desire to repeat the traditions of our parents on their wedding day. Others choose to reach further back to the traditions of our great grandparents. And of course some of us choose to build our very own wedding traditions! Whatever your vision, I would be honored to assist you in creating your very own American wedding ceremony; one that will be fondly remembered all of the days of your lives!





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